Ahad, 31 Ogos 2008

The Weekend 06/07/08

One sunday morning, I asked my wife if she fancy a walk at Tasek in Bandar.

Since its nearby my granny's she agreed cos we can drop by after that.

Its quite embarassing as i've never been there my whole life eventhough its

'right behind my backyard'.

Since the 2 big boys were up we decided to take them both along.

I was surprised how it turn out to be. It was beautifully landscaped as well as a

few recreational stuff like the rock climbing and children's playground.

Jogging path and the retaining walls were also amazing.

Back from granny's house, i took the family for a ride to Bandar.

Passing by the portview restaurant i saw some tourist boat and asked my wife

again if she fancy a boat ride.

Thank God after a few assurance on the saftey issue and handling of the boys,

she finally agreed and expecting execellent scenary along the way.

The amazing Istana Nurul Iman

Mum's former school SR Sg Kebun

Back from the ride at Portview

The Arch in Bandar

The SOAS Mosque

Finally, to complete the day we went to the Empire before heading back
to Lumut to celebrate my beloved Father-in law's 55th Birthday.

The Present......surprise!! Gift from Bapa to everyone

The Family foto.....cheers


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