Rabu, 8 Oktober 2008

Bertahlil for My Late Grandmother 24/09/08 & 5/10/08

Again, it's been a while since i've uploaded the new pics due to so many reasons.

To name one, Ajai has been really really hyper for the past weeks or even month.

But here are some pics from tahlil at Tongkadeh for our late Grandma.

For me, its been well accepted by all. The good thing is that we can see the togetherness from everyone in the family. I hope it will not fade since the lost of both our grandparent.

Enjoy the pics :)

24th Sept 2008

Preparing for the tahlil

5th October 2008

Isnin, 6 Oktober 2008

Ziarah Ke Pusara Di Bulan Ramadhan 14/09/2008

It's been a while since i last downloaded the recent pics in the web.

I've been upset in setting up some stuff.

Anyway, here's some pics i took masa ziarah ke kubur my late grand parents.

Mudahan durang mendapat rahmat. Amin!

Kubur Nini-Laki

Really Cute....Rashidah & her Dad

Bapa menyiram air asah-asahan

Main biji gatah...reminds me of the younger years

Side by side till the end

Really touching...Rest in Peace

We love you & miss you