Jumaat, 28 November 2008

Majlis Menghantar Berian & Akad Nikah Ak Hj Aminul Sarni Bin Pg Hj Sarpuddin & Pg Anak Hjh Hafidah Nasibah Bte Pg Anak Hassanuddin Al-Haj continued

Haha! I'm late again. Jemputan starts at 2.30pm, but I left Rizqun with the guys at around 2.15 to pick up Ct & Yazid at home. By the time we reached Batu Bersurat, the traffic was building up to the main road. I tried my luck going inside, luckily found myself a parking way dalam.

The crowd pun banyak sudah. I missed taking photos of the 'Berian' while it's still inside Minul's room. It was ready in the holding room bawah with the guests already presence. So terpaksa control menggambar.

Checking out on the pengantin. Still putting on the make-up.

Let me double-check the list!
Kain- checked! duit-checked! tudung-checked.....................
Bah! Let's make a move :)

Bah! Every1...let's get ready to go!

Aiai's place was packed we guests n family. Yazid felt ngantuk, so i have so send him back to Kiarong. The rombongan was already in. When we came the rombongan was still berunding. As usual, just elaborating on the agreed request by the bride.

Well, everything's checked! It's a deal then? Bah bring on the groom.

Getting comfortable before the nikah. Hehehe! You just wait....

Take one! "Kaola terima nikah nya, Pg Anak Hjh ............Screeching)"
Haha! Cousin...Welcome to my club.

Take two...and Alhamdulillah! You're a married man.