Sabtu, 27 Disember 2008

32 and blessed with love....30/12/2008

Yeah! I'm 32 today....
Looking back to the years gone by, I keep wondering how lucky I am. Yes, really lucky.
From being a graduate trainee in the consultant to being a project engineer in the government.
Getting married to a terrific wife and blessed with 3 great boys. I couldnt ask for more.
Moving places of work from BSB to KB.
Life has taught me to be better person, a better husband, a better father and a better son.
I'd like to thank my parents for giving me the pasport to my life. They've sacrified a lot for me. Words and wealth can't repay them for what they've done. Today I'm not posting a lot of pictures. It's dedicated especially for my family and friend.
Not forgetting my late grand-parents. They have all taught me the meaning of life.
People say one is easily influenced by his/her friend or people around them.
I disagree with this. For me you are what you decide to be. At the end of the day, your life is a choice you've made.
So... to all my family and friend, Thanks for the love you've given.....

One Sunday Afternoon 21/12/2008

I was stuck in KB. Report for the management was pending submission from certain parties. Furthermore, there was an interface from system to another going on.

That sunday afternoon, Haikal nda mau makan.

So CT decided to take him out keluar to have some fresh air. Alhamdulillah, appetite nya came.

Apa lagi, the 2 Bros atu... not wasting any time to play outside.

Rumput rumah pun makin panjang.... but then.... wait a minute!

That looks nice.....

The day before, my fren mengajar how to use the CS3...intelligent banar program atu.

Need to practise more on photo editing...

Ajaiiiiii! Keluar from there!

Mel's BBQ @ Keramut 20/12/2008

I received a call from Milee on the way back home from work on Friday. Hehehe! To my BSP colleagues shhhh!
She said "Esok mlm BBQ! Msg tia durang semua"
After hinting over it in Facebook, she finally organise one for us. Hahaha!
Since most of us are into camera lately, i told her that it would be a good oppurtunity for us to try out the scenery out there. Sana ada kolam udang yg saujana mata memandang.
It didnt turn out well initially. I was held back at home as i had invited my parents-inlaw over for some sup-tulang. Yum!
I reached Keramut nearly 6pm. The sun was setting quickly. I grabbed the camera for the kolam. Again, i think i was lacking a lot of stuff. I need a new camera, lenses, flash etc.
The guys pun alum jua ada. I heard they'll be there around 8pm.
Enjoy the pics!

Hanging by the rope!

This is how the pond looks like lapas harvest.

Big Mama!

Nya org putih ani namanya well-done!
After most of us had our BBQ, we head in the house for some Rock Band & Idol.

What so funny? Yazid masuk kan battery in my drink. Kata Alin Yazid kan mencharging bapanya. Hehehe!
Well, let me introduce you to mt frens.......

This is Amal dengan pose ayu nya.

Dian dengan senyuman menggodanya.

Hadi...having a Budi!

Ron! feeling.......lonely, i'm so lonely......i have nobody.........

Just because we're playing fren ani jadi Rock tia.

Reza yg ganazzz!

Checking out his new toy...Amir with his D90

Peraduan catching the lightning! I think the winner was c Boy!
But Amir join along and had i on the first shot....Sorry Hadi...maybe it's not your night.

Jumaat, 19 Disember 2008

Selamat Kembali Ke Tanah Air 16/12/2008

Yazid always asked us, why does it take too long?

What he meant was the waiting for his Grand-parents to come home from Haj was taking him forever. 'Lintas saja bah rumah nini!' he said everytime we return home from Seria.

Wait no longer boys. Your Nini-Lumut will be back......

We agreed to leave no later than 10.00am. Ct had to drop by UBD for the submission of her form.

Lagipun, Shahrol & Kadi will join us and we all ikut Transport BSP back home with the Ninis.

Early edition...catching up with the news

The Wait! 2 hrs delay.....

Hensem boy!

This will be the last of the facilities BSP will give.

Welcome home! Bapa looking really glowing upon arriving

Drama.... tears of happiness

More family member awaiting at home in Lumut.

Syukur! We're safe back...Pls! Bless our Haj

The holy water...version Islam

The guest keeps coming till malam..

Angah-awang askked me if we have 'Lampit' around. I then remembered one in Faiz room. Then he suggest we all beorak.