Ahad, 25 Januari 2009

FES-RETRO 22/01/2009

Tonight i dropped by a shop owned by a dear friend of mine. It's called FES-RETRO and it's specialising in Liverpool FC and Man Utd merchandise.

It recalled the days back in 2003 when a group of four of us went to Bangkok to explore the oppurtunity in the football merchandise market.

Fast forward nearly 6 years, atleast this fren of mine persuaded his dream but zooming into specific market of the two biggest fan clubs in the country.

Congratulation to Effendi Said for the effort and hard work in making his dream a reality.

How i envy the courage he possessed in spite of concentrating his regular job in the office.

For those unfamiliar to this shop log on to http://fes-retro.blogspot.com/

Located by the famous London Kebab in Kg Lambak, FES-RETRO display a wide range of mixed classic retro and modern shirt and jersey.

My first impression? Absolutely cool! Being a Liverpool FC supporter myself, I cant help myself from getting a few of those items.

So what are you waiting for? While limited stock last...i'm telling you guys, it's selling like hot cakes.
Enjoy the pics.

Yes! I feel you man! I'll never walk alone....

This is a signed jersey of the Man Utd winning team of 1999-2000

For those into collector cards.

Various range of LFC and Man Utd jerseys, jackets and shirts.

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