Isnin, 12 Januari 2009

Haikal's 1st 10/01/2009

Ak Yusuf Haikal is one year old today.

This year, i thought of having a bouncer especially for him the the two elder brothers. At night, we set up for a doa selamat and some BBQ.

We held the function at 'Nini Lumut' as there was no space at home for the bouncer.

The boys were so excited for the bouncer that played from 1.30pm sampai tah pukul 10.30pm.

Enjoy the pics ;)

Hi everybody! I'm 1 today.....

First experience of the slide..

Banjir at the access simpang. Mana tia bunyi nya JKR kan membuat longkang ani?

Jangan main air! Not!!!

Cupcake bought from my boss... For ordering log on to

Sampai malam.... More children joining the fun

Shahrol on the BBQ...

ANi third round in Ajai on the bouncer!

Latenight dip...

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