Isnin, 5 Januari 2009

Looking Ahead For The Future... 05/01/09

Assalamualaikum & Happy New Year 2009.

2008 have brought lots of memories that i will keep for years to come. All children had turn 3 and 2 while my baby will turn 1 soon. They've grown so fast that sometimes they've become a nuisance. But this is the challenges of parenthood.

I saw a programme recently regarding people in Beijing having a hard time in learning the English language as they prepare for the Olympics. The speaker was standing on the podium, in front of hundreds of thousand Chinese motivating these crowd. He said "no matter how hard you find it in learning English and Maths in school, it is considered nothing compared to the hardship your parents have gone through in raising you up".

My God! How deep can you go about his comparison.

Well, the day has come for me and my wife. A new challenge, new ball game.

It's the first day of school for our son.

Let this journey be a good one for our other children to follow and so let it begin.........

Looking ahead for the future.........

The first few step to school

Chung Ching Kindergarten.....
Why a chinese school? I'd say "why not?"

I feel so proud to see my son's name on the list.
Ak Md Yazid Bin Pg Hj Md Jafarouddin.....Wow! It is become increasingly heavier this fatherhood thing.

Parents and guardians buying books on the first day.

Hjh Forziah and her cute daughter beginning school in Kg2.
I've always wanted to adopt her...

The beauty of being in Seria and KB is that this place is full of multi-racial community.
Enjoy the pics of Yazid's schoolmate.

This is one of the reason why Yazid wanted to go to this school...

Proud dad! He doesnt even drop a tear.....

CT nearly cried watching Yazid being so mature.......OR...... he was just maintaining his ego!

Inas! Such a pretty girl

Hero.....Mish'al Ramadhan Green

Yazid's classroom and classmate. Kg1 Orange

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